Omido has landed

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Omido is the new identity for the agile production project (formerly agile transformation). 

Omido stands for open to methods and ideas for development and organisation. 

This restatement of our mission – omido – anchors our work firmly in the OU’s mission to be open to people, places, methods and ideas. 

This restatement of our team mission is more consistent with our philosophy and MO. Our approach is to focus on outcomes, above all student success. We invite and enable teams to experiment with diverse alternative methods and ideas for development of exceptional online course content and learning experiences. Our approach is facilitative and generative, not prescriptive or method-centric.

We believe this restatement of our team mission is consistent with the culture of the University under the VC Prof Mary Kellett’s leadership. Our goal is to simplify and streamline development practices, and this goal aligns squarely with the OU’s new strategic priorities.

Omido is part of Professional Services (reporting to James Davies, Director of Commissioning). We are Matthew Moran (Head of Transformation) and Chantine Bradstock (Agile Coach). We plan to expand the team in 2019 to meet growing demand for our services from faculties and partners across the OU. This is not a time-bound project. This is the way we do things now.

We have expertise in content and media production, digital product development, process innovation, lean-agile frameworks and methods, alternative learning platforms and technologies, team engagement and enhanced collaboration, systems thinking, organisation design and change management. 

We offer integrated services and support to faculty module teams and others across the OU. Our core offer is experiment-based evolution of new processes for content development, team practices and organisation. This includes a facilitated process of discovery (needs and outcomes) and exploration (learning about suitable alternative methods and techniques), followed by generative (that is, collaborative, not prescriptive) definition of the approach and new ways of working.

We support module teams to review and refine how they are working continuously. We provide one-to-one and team-based training and professional development, onboarding, coaching and support. We are currently working with around 20 module teams in different ways and to different degrees of intensity, from simply advising on use of workflow visualisation systems, to managing the full incremental module development lifecycle. 

In addition, we offer consultancy services to other professional services and faculty teams and departments who seek to improve how they work. Current assignments include working with a unit senior management team to help them improve how they communicate with and empower their teams, in order to deliver new capabilities and release unrealised value. 

As well as all that, we offer to everyone at the OU open talks, demonstrations and training on lean-agile and alternative methods and techniques, and organisational agility. These often take the form of games and simulations, to enable participants to experience and embrace new methods and ideas in such a way that they can take their learning away and immediately apply it to practice, in order to improve how we work.

We are scheduling events for 2019. Check back soon for details of upcoming events and further news about our work.

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