A word from our lead academic, Dr Peter Bloom

Head of Department of People and Organisations, Faculty of Business and Law

I have a special interest in omido, as Head of Department of People and Organisations in FBL.

One aspect of my research is looking at different kinds of organisation in different domains, in the new digital economy but also beyond the corporate sphere. When we study these alternative forms of organising, we find ways of working that are not only producing ‘business value’ and returns. We find new approaches to work which enable motivating, creative, empowering experiences for people. And we find sustainable organisations with new values, new relationships and new forms of ownership which create meaningful value for society rather than just profit.

Our argument is that, as The Open University – open to people, places, methods and ideas – we should be looking to these emerging and alternative ways of organising and working as we enter our next phase, rather than clinging to outmoded neoliberal, managerialist models. And I believe there are real advantages in this for the OU to empower the next generation of learners.

That’s why I am so excited about omido and pleased to be one of the movement’s lead academics.