We do not follow or advocate a single framework or method. We know from experience that adopting methods ‘by the book’ does not work. Being or doing ‘agile’ is not our goal. Our goal is motivation, inspiration and extraordinary results, and above all exceptional outcomes and success for students.

We are currently observing a number of other organisations going through ‘agile transformation’, in order to learn from their experiences. Organisations which are adopting single select frameworks or methods in centralised, top-down implementations are in many cases experiencing slower, more limited success, and considerable disruption to delivery and quality. In contrast, the organisations enjoying the greatest success are open to learning from a broad range of philosophies, frameworks, methods and model implementations.

Our approach is different:

  • We listen and understand our partners’ needs, the problems they face and the ambitions they have for their projects.
  • We propose practical tools and techniques intended to improve performance, quality and value, based on research and the best available evidence. No vanity solutions.
  • We don’t impose anything. We generate the best approaches together collaboratively, with input from everyone involved in the project.
  • We are with you for the long haul, for the duration of your project, and for the full product lifecycle if needed.
  • We provide you with the support, training and advice you will need to make the project a success.
For more on our approach and how we work with our OU partners, check out our white paper How we work: discovering and scaling agile modes for module production