Why omido?

There is widespread recognition among people involved in online course development and support that our current approaches are not fit for the challenges we face as an organisation. Teams tell us that our processes are slow, costly, inflexible and overly complicated. Our numbers for student satisfaction and staff motivation speak for themselves.

The OU’s content production system was built in an age of certainty, stability and market dominance. It is not suited for disruption, hostile market competition, and fast-changing student behaviours and expectations. This is not inevitable. Other ways are possible.

As developers and project/product managers we have seen firsthand the benefits of alternative approaches in a range of other organisations, including HEIs. We know, from our own experience and from published surveys, that agile and digital production methods afford these benefits and more:

  • increased productivity
  • reduced costs
  • happy people (customers and staff)
  • greater speed to market
  • improved product quality.

Read more about our ongoing research into the experiences of users of the OU module production system